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If you’re trying to #heal, you must stay away from #protein. Protein is very #acidic and won’t help you with your #healing process. This includes, nuts, beans and #vegetables that have high protein content. The #lymphatic system and Kidneys do not like protein, and these systems play a large role in your healing.

When healing, you’re cleaning your lymphatic system so the acids can be properly filtered and go to the kidneys, where they are disposed of. The fastest way to heal is to go on a 100% raw #fruit diet. You can throw in some raw veggies if you can’t do only fruit, but the most effective way is all fruits in combination with healing #herbs. Consuming protein during this process could hurt your kidneys and delay the process.

Fruits and herbs will always heal you faster and more effectively than anything else. This will make your body perfectly alkaline and remove all of the harmful acids from it. You will feel #amazing and you will function much better. Just remember, when healing, stay way from proteins!  #rawmaraby


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