Get Mucus  Out If Your  Head - detox and detoxification

Get Mucus Out If Your Head - detox and detoxification

A lot of people have mucus congestion in the head region. This is a serious issue which requires you to drain the mucus from your head area. The head sits on the top of the G.I Tract. The GI tract is attached to every organ of your body from head to toe. If the GI Tract is clogged it means that all acids in your body will be backed up and unable to leave.


When acidic waste and toxins aren’t able to exit the body they will eventually start to burn through your tissues, organs, and glands,  mainly your pituitary gland, parathyroid, and thyroid. as well as your sinuses.


To prevent these things from happening you must drain the brain. Yes… Drain the brain. The way to do this is to go on 100% fruits. Stop the dairy, stop the meats, stop the starches, no more processed foods, and no cooked foods. These are the foods that are aiding the mucus build up in your head region. Do not let it build up any longer- it will effect your eyes, ears, nose, and brain (memory fog).


When you detox with fruits the obstructions will go away. Add herbs to your detox to strengthen the lymphatic system, endocrine system, kidneys, adrenals, stomach and bowels.


Stick to fruits and get rid of the mucus lingering in your head! - DRAIN THE BRAIN.

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