Fruits vs Veggies for healing.

I get people asking me why I emphasize fruits over vegetables and asking if I think vegetables are bad.

The answer is no. Veggies are great for you.

When detoxing however, you must go on 100% fruits because they are the most powerful and fastest way of healing. They are astringent, they have high flavonoids, high vitamin and mineral content, they contain antioxidants, and most importantly, they energize your cells, along with provide all the needed carbon and sugars to thrive.

Vegetables are amazing builders, although they are difficult to digest. Vegetables shouldn’t be used to clean your system; they should be used as strengtheners. This is why we use @rawmaraby ‘s herbs to strengthen our systems, and we use the fruit to clean.

So you have your answer, vegetables are not bad, they just do not heal you. They will slow down your healing process if you use them during detox.

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