Fruits and herbs - the solution to wellness and vitality

Fruits and herbs - the solution to wellness and vitality

Healing is SO simple guys! There aren’t enough words to express how simple and powerful it is to get your health back. It is a matter of switching the bad out for the good.Switch out the cooked foods, starches, meats, dairy and processed foods for fruits and herbs. Sounds easy so far, right?


You need to be dedicated to your new diet to succeed. The fruits will hydrate and move the acid-filled lymph to the kidneys where they will be filtered and disposed of. The reason you need to heal is because your lymphatic system has become stagnant. This happens when the body becomes too acidic. There are so many acids lingering in your body because the kidneys aren’t filtering and getting rid of them. When the acids get stagnant they harden and begin to burn through your organs, tissues, and glands.


The fruits will go in and clean and hydrate each of your hundred trillion cells, while removing any obstructions that are in the way.


Fruits do wonders on their own, but when you add herbs into the mix, you are now healing on a whole new level. The herbs will cater to specific organs that you want to heal. Plus, since it’s an investment so you’re more likely to stick to this detox when you’ve spent money, right?


Healing and health is so simple, don’t complicate it!

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