Fruits and Bloating

Sometimes when we switch to an all fruit diet we will notice a lot of bloating. This is your body telling you there is a problem. The problem is that your adrenal glands (which are responsible for metabolizing sugar) are down. This also means that your pancreas (responsible for digesting food) is down.


This is happening because your diet consists of acidic foods (animal products, processed foods and starches). These foods clog up your lymphatic system, which is the main sewer/immune system of the body. When the lymphatic system isn’t working properly this means your kidneys aren’t functioning properly either. When the kidneys can’t do their job (filtering out and eliminating the acids), it causes acid to be backed up inside your body. This damages your adrenals, pancreas, and your kidneys.


This is the reason why you begin to bloat when you eat fruits, or any whole-clean food for that matter. Please remember, this is only temporary. If you stick to your all fruit diet your body will eventually clean itself out. Your lymphatic system will be able to carry waste to the kidneys, and the kidneys will filter and dispose of them. You will no longer bloat. Instead you’ll feel and look more vibrant, you hair and skin will glow, and you may even drop a few pounds.


Give fruits a try and feel the joy, strength, and energy they will add to your life!


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