Fractionated Fasting

Fractionated Fasting

What is fractionated fasting? Fractionated fasting is when you fast in different time increments. For example: You start with a 5 day dry fast, followed by a 3-day refeed, followed by another 7-day fast, followed by a 5-day refeed, followed by an 11-day dry fast, and so on.


The point of this is to do dry fasting in fractions. These fasting periods are obviously very long, you can do it in smaller fractions of course. For example, 2-day fast, 3-day refeed, 5-day fast, 6-day refeed.followed by a 9-day dry fast etc.


You can optimize this by doing a Fractionated wet/dry fast. Wet/Dry fasting is when your take your herbs 3 times a day, during your dry fast; the herbs are the only exception.


Dry fasting is one of the best ways to heal; your lymphatic system will flow correctly and the lingering acids inside of you will go down to the kidneys, which will be filtering properly, and be disposed of.



Try fractionated fasting today!

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