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Fix cellulite once and for all

By Rob Maraby October 31, 2019 0 comments

I’ve received several questions about cellulite. Having cellulite is a clear indication that your lymphatic system is not working properly. The lymphatic system is the main sewer system and immune system of the body. Its job is to take away the acids and toxins from your hundred trillion cells via the lymph nodes through to your kidneys where the waste will be eliminated.


If the lymphatic system isn’t working properly the acids will become hard, stagnant, and unable to flow towards filtration. When the acids have nowhere to go, the body will take tissue, cholesterol, and calcium from itself to create a buffer to protect itself from the toxins and acids, forming a fatty-like tissue. This is how the cellulite becomes visible.


To reduce cellulite I recommend you go on 100% Fruits. The fruits will hydrate each of your cells making the lymph more fluid and easier to be carried to the kidneys for elimination. Citrus fruits are the best for loosening the lymph, busting mucus and removing obstructions.


Add herbs 3 times a day to your fruit detox for additional support for your kidneys, adrenals, endocrine system, lymphatic system, stomach and bowels. Once you remove obstructions from your body your lymph will be flowing and your kidneys will be able to filter. There won’t be acids lingering inside your body so your cellulite will be reduced.


Use your cellulite as a reason to get started on your new healthy lifestyle. Not only will your cellulite be gone, you will drop a few pounds, you’re hair will be growing and your skin will glow.


Once you feel the results of going on an all fruit diet you won’t want to go back. If you feel fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner is too much after your detox period, you can still 80% fruits and 20% raw vegetables. 


Give this a shot, you won’t regret it.


Leave any questions in the comment section, or leave me a dm :)

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