Fight your cravings!!

So, you have cravings eh?  You’ve started your all fruit diet and now you want starches, breads, and pasta? Let me tell you something: you have fungus in your system. Fungus craves starches, do not feed the fungus, do not let it win! When you feel this craving just grab a fruit and eat it! Eventually the fruits will fight and kill all of the fungus for you.


#Rawmaraby has a tincture called “Parasite M”. This has herbs in that will aggressively fight the fungus away. This is a very, very important herb to get if you have heavy cravings. If you cannot get this herb, keep fighting your fungus with fruits!


Remember, cravings are psychological, you use food as comfort, it makes you happy. Use fruits and herbs to get into a better mental state where you can focus on being the best version of yourself. You will see yourself becoming healthier, and more vibrant.

So, forget the cravings and eat your fruit. Do not give in to the tricks your mind is playing with you, because that is all your cravings are, mind tricks. Find comfort in the new, healthy you that you are working for, not starchy foods. 😊


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