Exercising, lifting weights and health

A lot of people go to the gym and think they’re doing the right thing. You exercise 3 times a week with heavy weights without realizing the underlying factor: acidity. When you lift weights, you’re producing lactic acid. The heavier you’re lifting, the more lactic acid you produce. These acids normally are disposed by the kidneys. If you are not moving acidic waste by the lymphatic system to the kidneys to be disposed of, you’re allowing the acid to build up in your body, causing damage on your organ tissues and glands. If you’re kidneys are not filtering properly this will become a harmful cycle where your workout is negatively affecting your body, especially your kidneys.

The key to removing these acids is to stay hydrated always. What is the best way to hydrate? By eating fruits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 😊. Especially before a heavy workout. You want to make sure your kidneys are functioning properly, simply pee in a glass jar in the morning and examine the pee in the jar. If your kidneys are filtering properly, you will see some sediment inside of it. It should not be clear. If there is no sediment in your urine, you need to be careful and start your fruit diet and @rawmaraby Fab5 herbs immediately.

Lifting heavy without your systems filtering properly will ultimately end with you losing your hair, and damaging your kidney’s, or worse; they will burst.

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