Exercise and detox healing

Is it safe to exercise while you’re detoxing?

Well, if your kidneys aren’t filtering acids properly (which is why you’re healing), it isn’t a great idea to do intense exercises. When you do heavy exercises, your body creates lactic acid. This lactic acid will have no where to go, thus backing you up even more. When you’re lifting excessively heavy while healing, you will start to get stiff joints, aches, and pains.

Your best bet is to keep it light when exercising while healing, like yoga, Pilates, or even walking. Keep away from intense work outs, or at least try to reduce it to once, or twice a week. When you create to many lactic acids while healing, you’re adding to the acidic burden of the body, and doing the opposite of healing. It is very important to remember when you get aches and pains from working out, it is because you have too many acids built up inside, and your kidneys are not eliminating them efficiently.

Please do not let this discourage you from exercising. Take it easy while you’re healing, eat your fruits and herbs from @rawmaraby to support your kidneys. Once your kidneys are functioning as they should, reintroduce your self to your intense workouts and you will feel great doing them, and even better when you’re done; no aches and pains. 😊

I hope this helped you guys!

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