Eating fermented foods is bad for you.

Some of foods have been deemed ‘super foods’ and ‘probiotic’. These are very bad for you. Please understand this: you need to consume live, vibrant foods. Foods that have energy will transfer their energy into your cells. Its not just about nutrients; its about energy. When you put fermented food, which is dead food, inside your body, you’re essentially poisoning yourself. Your body does NOT need fermented foods.

Your body produces the perfect amount probiotics and bacteria, there is no need to add more. The only reason you may lack is when you’re obstructed due to acidity in the body. If this happens its because your lymphatic system is not moving the way it should be. This effects the kidneys, stomach and bowels, endocrine system and adrenals. When the lymphatic system isn’t filtering properly, your body becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and parasites.

You want to switch to 100% fruits for breakfast lunch and dinner. You want to stop eating dairy, meats, all animal products, cooked foods and starches for the duration of your detox. You’re going to grab the #Fab5 herbs from @rawmaraby. These herbs will assist in cleaning out your stomach, bowels, endocrine system, lymphatic system, adrenals and kidneys. There is no better combination than a fruit detox mixed with these herbs.

You do not need to eat fermented foods or probiotics, when you’re running low on them. You’re deficient because your body isn’t utilizing the nutrients it’s getting from food. So if you are ingesting fermented foods and probiotics your body still won’t be able to make use of them. You’re just backing yourself up more. Once you detox, your body will restore itself with the right number of bacteria and probiotics that it needs to thrive!

Happy Healing!


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