Dry-fasting to grow your hair FAST

Dry-fasting to grow your hair FAST

I want to show you a very #simple way to grow your hair. #FASTING. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but fasting (if done correctly) can help you get the #hair you deserve. Fasting has been recommended by almost every religion and it's done so because it has very healing properties, it's very spiritual and can clean your body of all the toxins in it. With this being said, why wouldn’t it be effective in making your grow?! The method I recommend is a ‘dry fast’. This means no #water, no #food for 24 hours. This can be drastic for most people so if you have not fasted before, I recommend you go on a fruit juicing plan for a few days where you just #juice #fruits. Do this for a few days and then you can move on to a water based fast, which means only #drinking water, no eating, and then you can move on to a dry fast. Dry-fast’s are usually done for 24 hours, but you can go for longer than 24 hours, but I would not recommend this for most people because it's very difficult.

So, what are the #benefits of fasting related to hair #growth? When you fast, you're giving your body the #energy it needs to #fix itself. All the energy that's used to #digest food is now being diverted to help the body repair itself, therefore hair growth! For this to be effective, I recommend that you stick to a fruit-based diet for a few days before you do the dry fast. This is the best and most effective way of #cleaning the body of toxins, of releasing any mucus, and for making your hair grow to its fullest #potential.

You're gonna feel #amazing, you're gonna feel #rejuvenated and energetic! This trick combined you’re your fruit diet is gonna transform your hair into everything you’ve ever dreamt of!

I hope this video helped you and I really hope you implement this into your hair growth #journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a #comment below and I’ll write back! 😊

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