Dry fasting and Grapes!

Hello Friends!

If you really want to heal, I recommend you do a daily dry fast or 14 to 16 hours. Reminder: a dry fast means no food, no water😊.  You will use the grapes to break your fast. I recommend the darker grapes because they are highly astringent, they will hydrate the cells, alkalize the cells and remove mucus from them while they’re at it!


Grapes and a dry fast are your best bet for healing quickly, give yourself 3 to 6 weeks of this and you will feel brand new! This is an incredibly powerful tool; you will be blown away by your results. Just stay consistent and take your Fab5 herbs for optimal results. The Fab5 will make sure the cells in your lymphatic system, endocrine system, bowels and stomach, adrenals and your Kidneys are being cleaned out properly. These herbs are crucial to this fast so make sure you get yours!


I hope this helped someone today!!!