Don’t let your Genetics limit you!

You want thick, long, luscious hair but you can’t grow it. There is one simple reason why: Your body is highly acidic. No one else is telling you because they don’t know, so they’ll tell you its your genetics, or its your hormones.


No, it is simpler than your hormones, or your DNA make up. Your diet consists of too many acidic foods like animal products, and cooked starches. This has caused your body to reach a state of ‘acidosis’. Our human bodies are meant to stay in an alkaline state, this is when we’re the healthiest. When our body’s go into acidosis, we start to lose hair follicles.


This is comparable to chemotherapy. When under-going chemo, they’re pumping acids into your body, and then you start to lose hair. When you eat acidic foods too often, it has the same effect on the body. If you’re already starting to lose hair and you’re eating the wrong foods, its time to stop now. It’s time to switch to a 100% fruit detox. This fruit detox will help remove the stagnant acids that are sitting in your body by softening the cells they’re occupying allowing them to become fluid again to make their way to the kidneys, where they will be eliminated. Along with your fruit detox you’re going to take your Herbs. These herbs assist with cleaning out the adrenals, kidneys, lymphatic system, endocrine system, stomach and bowels. Once these systems are up and running properly, your hair WILL start to grow.

Please have patience, allow your body time to heal. It could be 6 to 12 months before you see hair growth, but it will come. You will feel more energetic and lively, your skin will glow too!

Go grab some fruits and order your @rawmaraby herbs and kiss your “genetic hair loss” issue’s goodbye!

Please leave me some questions and comments and I’ll write back 😊

Happy healing!

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