Distilled water vs All other water

Distilled water is the best water compared to any other water out there. It is free of any toxins, and pollutants. However the type of water you drink is not real a concern if you have a health issue. You should be focusing on how acidic you are on the inside.

Most people are acidic, meaning their bodies aren’t flushing the acids out from their hundred trillion cells. These acids are also coming from the foods that are being consumed, the dairy, meats, all animal products, processed and cooked foods, and starches. When this happens it creates a buildup of acids throughout your body. These acids burn your tissues, organs and glands.

When you’re acidic and you drink water, the water is kept and stored away to buffer these acids to protect the body. This is Edema. It is not the best idea to drink a lot of water when you’re too acidic. The best thing to do is to focus on eating fruits and only fruits for a detox period, if not for an extended period of time 😊. When you do this your body and its cells will become highly hydrated to the point where you won’t even feel thirsty.

When it comes to water, drink any water you want; so long as it isn’t toxic, you can get away with drinking any water. Distilled water is still the best type of water to drink; however, fruits and fruit juices are even more important when it comes to healing and detoxing. Fruits will get you hydrated deep down inside your cells.


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