Digestive issues and gas

If you’re seeing undigested food in your stool, or if you have a lot of gas, it means that you’re not digesting your food properly. This is a large problem because it usually means that your pancreas, liver and/or gallbladder are not functioning properly. The pancreas is what releases the enzymes that break down food. The liver and gall bladder are responsible for breaking down amino acids, proteins and fats. These must all be functioning properly in order to digest food effectively. If they’re not running well, the chances are that they're full of mucus and obstructed.

It is very important that you detox them out. Change your diet to 100% fruits as usual, and take herbs from @rawmaraby, for the endocrine system, lymphatic system, adrenals, kidneys, stomach and bowels. Remember, if you have mucus in your head region (the pancreas is in the head region), you have acids everywhere. It is essential that you go on a full detox to attack these 5 crucial systems.

Your kidneys will be filtering properly, and you will see your digestive health get better!

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Happy healing!

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