Detoxing your lungs, the surprisingly easy way to heal

Do you have lunge issues? are you are coughing up phlegm and you don’t know how to stop it?   Whatever lung issues it might be, you can fix it, you just need to stop eating the foods that are causing this response.  Mucus is all over our bodies, it protects the body.  When you eat foods that are alien to the body, it can cause the mucosa to stir up and push out.  If you push it back in and keep it in, you will become chronic and that is when it will become an issue.

You always want to bring out the phlegm, you want to stop eating the foods that are causing it.   You want to stop ingesting milk, dyes that are in products, cooked starches and meats.  You want to start eating fruits and fruits alone until you clean the mess in your lungs.   Chances are if you are congested in your lungs you are congested all over your body. 

So if you are coughing up phlegm and having lung issue, just follow these simple steps to heal.  You want to drain all the acids out of your body.   To drain your body of your acids you need to start eating fruits for breakfast lunch and dinner, your going to do that for as long as it takes until it all clears up.   You also want to get a herbal lung tea formulated to help.    You will make and drink the lung tea herbal while you are only eating fruits and this will clear the mucus from inside you.


If you have any questions, go ahead and DM me at RAW_MARABY.   Happy Healing!



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