Detoxing for pregnancy

Detoxing for pregnancy

It is your responsibility as a mother, or soon to be mother, to get your body healthy before conceiving a child because the child will take on whichever weaknesses and/or illnesses that you have during the pregnancy. If you are obstructed in anyway, it will affect your baby. For example: if your lymphatic system in stagnant, your child’s lymphatic system will be stagnant, if you have weak kidneys, your baby kidneys will be weak.


As a mother it is your duty to detox your body before you conceive, and if you have already conceived, you must be eating the best detox foods to optimize your baby's health during your pregnancy. The best foods to eat are fruits. Fruits are your best bet to developing and delivering a healthy, beautiful child. The fruit sugars penetrate each of your cells by diffusion and feeds the cells, hydrates the cells, and cleans the cells. This will get your lymph moving and flowing properly, which is crucial because the lymphatic system is the sewer of the body. The lymphatic system carries acidic waste to the kidneys so they can be eliminated. If your lymphatic system isn’t doing it’s job, all of the acids and toxins will be stagnant inside your body, wear your baby is living. You want your lymphatic system doing its job so the kidneys can do theirs. The job of the kidneys is to filter out acidic waste from the lymph and get rid of it.


The best way to get these systems in good condition is to detox with fruits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do this for a few weeks to get clean, and then you can add some green smoothies to your diet; you can use any dark green veggies/fruits for these smoothies. Kelp is amazing for you if you’re trying to conceive.


You can consult with your doctor if you aren’t sure, but this is what I would do if I was pregnant, or trying to get pregnant. It is very simple folks, eat foods with the most nutrition: FRUITS AND VEGGIES. You want to avoid any and all acidic foods (dairy, meats, seafood, starches and all processed foods), these foods leave an acidic by-product in your system that the lymphatic system needs to clean up.


So, this is my opinion on pregnancy and I hope this video helped some of you out there!

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