Detox Tip: Utilize Hot and Cold Shower while detoxing

Hot and Cold showers are a quick way of increasing circulation in the body. They help with removing obstructions in the body, they increase the detoxification speed, and help push nutrients into various parts of the body that require it. The hot water has calming properties, assists in relieving stress, while the cold water helps with inflammation, as well as expelling toxins from the skin and the lymph.

Turn the shower key to as cold as it can get for a couple of minutes, 1 or 2 minutes is enough. Then, you’re going to switch to a hot shower. A tolerable hot, not scolding, for the same amount of time. You’re going to rotate back and forth for the duration of your shower. Ideally this would be done in a bathtub full of ice, and then hot water from the shower. But you can make do with what ever you have, so long as you’re alternating between very cold, and very hot water.

This will maximize the circulation in your body and open the pores on your skin. Your skin is your third kidney so you will be releasing any toxins that may be lingering inside. The cold water causes your blood to move towards your organs to keep them warm, and the hot water reverses this by causing the blood to move towards the surface of the skin, thus, circulation!


I hope this helps some of you guys! Please leave me any questions or comments below, or DM me! 😊

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