Detox Tip!

Why we avoid Cooked foods while healing…

If you’re seriously trying to heal yourself, you MUST commit to raw fruits + dry fasting. You must stay away from everything and anything cooked. Cooked foods will derail you from your healing journey. Cooked foods do not only slow down the healing process, they completely stop it, and reverts you back to where you started.

It is important to know the difference especially if you’re trying to heal from something serious. You never want to stop your detox and go backwards. Raw fruits and veggies are live foods, they have energy surging through them, this is what your body needs to heal. Cooked foods are dead foods, and they do not help your body when you consume them while healing.

If you’re detoxing and you feel for something that’s not fruity, eat a raw avocado, or a raw salad. An avocado and raw greens will slow down the healing process, but it won’t stop it like cooked foods will.



Dry fasting is the quickest way to heal; it generates broken tissues and clean you out completely. Use fruits to break your dry fast; they give you energy and alkalize the body. Throw in some herbs for the kidneys, adrenals, lymphatic system, endocrine system, stomach and bowels (the Fab5), and you’re on the right path! With patience and consistency you’ll be golden 😊.


So, when detoxing, NO cooked foods 😊


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