Detox for a healthy Pregnancy

It’s no question that when you’re pregnant, your child is consuming the foods you are. If you’re eating dead, cooked foods, your child is getting dead, cooked nutrients…

When you eat ripe, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, you’re giving your child the absolute best, most natural nutrients that exist. You are also giving them the best chance at being healthy after birth.

The child you are bearing will take the mother’s and father’s weakness, this means they will take the parents lymphatic system and kidneys. So, if you’ve been eating cooked foods, animal products starches, and processed foods, you’re more than likely lymphatically congested. So it is in your best interest if you are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, to switch your diet to raw fruits and vegetables.

Eating oatmeal, protein, and dead animal flesh while pregnant is not giving your child good nutrients. Protein is the worst thing to ingest while with-child as it is very acidic and harms the kidneys.

Starches are just as harmful. Feed yourself and your baby natural, unprocessed foods to give them the best possible start at this life.

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