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Depression ☹

By Rob Maraby September 13, 2019 0 comments

Hey folks!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of messages about depression, and how to fix it.  Let me tell you, depression has everything to do with your diet. When the parathyroid (controls calcium utilization), isn’t working properly, you’re going to start feeling depressed. Your adrenals are responsible for anxiety. The physical stop to depression and anxiety would naturally be to switch to a fruit only diet, mixed with herbs, from @robmaraby, to clean up your systems and get them filtering properly.

On a mental level, if you want to stop being depressed, you must be selfless. Being selfless means to serve others, to put their needs before you. This sounds exhausting, yes, but in reality, it is the best depression and anxiety reliever. When you serve others and give freely, with out any expectation, you will elevate to a highly vibrating version of yourself.

Combine being selfless, with your change of diet (fruits only), you’re changing both spiritually, and physically for the better!

Take my advice, give it a try 😊

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