Hey folks! Want To heal as fast as possible?  If so, you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

Commit to a 14 to 16 hour daily dry fast, and then break it with black or very dark grapes.

I recommend dark grapes because they are very astringent, thus very powerful. These little fruits will heal you faster than you could ever imagine when used with a daily dry fast. Dry fast meaning no food, no water, nothing for the first 14 to 16 hours of your day. Break your fast with Grapes and only eat grapes for the remaining 8 to 10 hours of your day (eat as many as you want!), and repeat the next day for as many weeks as it take you to heal and feel like the best version of you!

So easy right? Let’s do it! Leave me any questions you may have, and I’ll answer😊.

**Tip** maximize your progress by adding @rawmaraby’s Fab 5 herbs!!