Cracking Joints? You may be in trouble!!

Hey folks! Have you ever gone to gym and gotten an injury? Stiff joint? Joint cracking? This is a sign of acidosis.

Acidosis is when the body is too acidic, usually from eating too much protein. Your calcium is being drawn from the tissue and organs to buffer these acids. Thus, your joints are going to crack. When you hear this happening to your joints, this is a sign to stop what ever you’re doing immediately and start to listen to your body! These cracks are your bodies way to telling you to stop eating all animal proteins, stop eating cooked foods, and all animal products. Make the switch to herbs and fruits! Continuing to exercise and workout will not help your situation, unless you change your diet because the acids will still be in your body if you don’t cleanse it out.  If you do not change your diet, your joints will get dehydrated and weaken.


You want to change your diet and use herbs before arthritis catches up to you. Hydrate your joints with your fruits and veggies and stop with the animal proteins! You do not need animal products to build big muscles!! You will feel great just give yourself a chance.


I hope this was helpful for anyone out there who is experiencing joint pains! Leave a comment with any questions and I’ll respond! 😊

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