Chronic constipation – the cause

Constipated? There are several reasons for why you get constipated.


One: your parathyroid may be down. Parathyroid means calcium utilization, so your sphincter may not be working properly.

Two: Your adrenals. Adrenals control your nervous system; your automatic nervous system this this controls peristalsis.

Three: You are eating the wrong foods. Animal products and cooked starches will be like glue on your bowel walls. This prevents absorption of nutrients while clogging and backing you up.

Four: lymphatic stagnation, or interstitial lymphatic stagnation. Traffic in between the cells in your lymphatic system are not moving properly which means acids are burning your cells and damaging them. When this happens, they will start to swell, thus making the passageway to be filtered that much thinner for them to go through, causing clogging.

All of these obstructions are very simple to remove. You just must change your diet to 100% fruits. Fruits have fiber and they will neutralize any acids that you have sitting inside of you and push them out of body. Fruits will get the kidneys filtering, and get the lymph moving as well. When you switch to all fruits, you’ll get the parathyroid working properly, meaning you will be able to properly utilize calcium. Your adrenals will be functioning better which means that you will have better peristalsis; you will be able to eliminate waste effectively. No more constipation!

To make this even more effective, add the Fab5 herbs to your diet. They will easily clean out your adrenals, kidneys, lymphatic system, endocrine system, stomach and bowels. You want to stay consistent with the fruit and herbs and maybe even try some enema’s if need be!


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Happy healing!

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