Bloating during detox?- here is why

Bloating during detox?- here is why

Have you started to bloat since you’ve begun your detox? This is why:


Bloating means you are stirring up fecal matter, fermentation, parasites, and sulfur. If you have ever taken any medicated drugs you definitely have sulfur deposits inside you. Sulfur is also in the food we eat; if you eat a lot of processed foods you’re eating a lot of sulfur.


When you begin your detox this sulfur is going to get broken down. When this happens you will get bloated along with gas.


The key point to remember here is when you're detoxing you’re stirring up all of these things that don’t belong inside you and this causes bloating in some people more than others.


The solution to this bloating would be to use enema’s and colonics. You can also utilize dry fasting, or even water fasting. This would also be a great time to go heavy on the herbs.


This bloating will not go away with the snap of one finger; this bloating is a part of the healing crisis. This healing crisis is not permanent and it will pass. Just keep in mind the reason you started your detox and stay true to it. The bloating will go away!