Bleeding Gums

Do your teeth bleed when your brush them or floss while detoxing?  Here is why..

Now, when you eat fruits, and only fruits, your body will start to expose acids trapped in the mouth where it doesn’t belong. If these obstructions don’t come out, they will stay there and become chronic and begin to damage cells and tissue in a way that will be harder to fix.

When you first begin your all fruit diet, you may see some of your issues get worse. For example, if you had issues with your skin before your fruit diet, you may notice your skin issues temporarily coming out more aggressively. This is because the fruits are softening the stagnant lymph fluids that are full of mucus and toxins. The fruits are causing them to flow out of your system; this is why you will see your condition look worse for the first part of your detox.

If your Lymphatic system isn’t flowing properly then your kidneys aren’t filtering properly either. Your kidneys are responsible for eliminating metabolic waste (mucus) from your body. If they aren’t working properly, the waste will look for any path to express itself, through your skin, and even the gums.

The acids from your mouth are not because of the fruits you’re eating. If your gums bleed during your detox it is not a result of your teeth decaying because of the fruits. It is the fruits releasing the toxins and waste from the lymph that is now looking for an escape, easiest path is through the skin/gums.

There really is no way to stop this from happening during your detox, the best thing to do is to let it happen, as these are fluids that need to come out anyways; this is part of your detox.

If this is happening to your mouth during your detox please do not let it discourage you. Try to gurgle baking soda every morning and night, this is alkalize your mouth and soothe the bleeding and pain a little bit. You can also do the same with tea tree oil, or frankincense oil.

My advice to you is to keep going with your detox. Detox crises are very common, especially when transitioning from an acidic diet. Just remember, everything you are experiencing is just the acids and toxin leaving your body, it will get better, just be consistent and have patience.

If you have any questions or concerns please DM me or leave me comment 😊