An apple a day keeps the doctor away…right?

This is not just a saying; it is actually factual. Here’s how.


When you’re consuming too many acid foods, your body will usually give you a few signals to tell you “whoa… I’m backed up, inflamed so send me some help”, one of these signals is coughing up Mucus. If you keep up this acidic diet, all that mucus is going to be suppressed and your body is now sent into the sub-acute stage, where the mucus is no longer expressed or coming out of you, it is staying inside of you.

If you want to neutralize mucus or acidic response quickly, have an apple. Apples are one of the best things to eat when trying to neutralize a mucus response. Example: you accidently had a glass of cow’s milk, and you feel the mucus rushing through to your throat. Eat an apple, and you will feel the mucus’s slowly deteriorating. The base side of the apple will neutralize the acids.


Apples are extremely powerful in that way. Even though we should try not to eat mucus causing foods to begin with, but, if we do slip up every now then, we have apples to save us. And neutralize those acids!


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