Alkaline water and Kangen water

Alkaline water and Kangen water

I’ve recently received a request about Alkaline water and Kangen water.


I have nothing against either of them but I must say that they aren’t “heal all” waters like they imply they are. These waters are equivalent to simply adding a teaspoon of baking soda to your water; this will give you the same effect as alkaline water and Kangen water. I personally see no benefit of buying expensive equipment to make these waters.


I do not think drinking these waters will heal you alone. To heal you need to hydrate your cells internally. Our cells do use water however it is not H2O, the water that enters the cells are called H-3O2. So regardless if you’re drinking alkaline water your body will still have to break it down to convert it to H-3o2 before it can be used.


Again, I am not against alkaline water, it just won’t solve your health issues for you. The way to solve your health issues is to clean the body out by detoxing, taking herbs, and dry fasting. Fruits are the solution to clearing out all obstructions from your body.


Please do not use Alkaline water as a solution for your health problems. Detoxing is the only route to go!




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