Aging/graying hair

This article is about aging hair. The older we get the greyer our hair gets, and the thinner it gets. This is a myth. The rate of decay of your hair depends on how acidic your diet is.


The cause of aging hair, or any hair issue, is acidosis. This means the body has become too acidic for it to function properly. There is a blockage of lymph, nerve, or blood flow. Your lymphatic system has become stagnant; the lymph isn’t able to carry acids to the kidney’s where they are supposed to be eliminated. The acids are burning through your tissues and glands, looking for an escape. When this happens your whole body becomes affected.


A person who eats well will always have healthier, less grey hair. This is because you become what you eat. If you’re eating acidic foods, your body will become acidic, and it will show through your skin, and your hair. If you’re eating dead/cooked foods all the time, it will show in your hair and skin as well. When you eat whole, living, vibrant foods, you will unquestionably GLOW; your hair, your skin, and your overall health will flourish.


If you feel like your greying/aging too rapidly, you need to trade in your acidic diet for a more fruit based diet. You’ll want to do 100% fruits for sometime, until you’ve reversed the acidosis and become alkaline. You also want to incorporate some herbs into your diet, Upper Circulation. And Brain and Nerve. These herbs will aid blood circulation in the scalp area and improve communication between the cells throughout the entire body.


Once you start feeling great, you don’t have to stay 100% fruits (although it is always recommended). You can have a cooked vegan meal every now and then but the key is to stay balanced. Even cooked vegan food is still dead food. 


Try to keep it at least 80% raw fruits and veggies, and the other 20% you can have cooked vegan meals. This balance will ensure your body stays on the alkaline side of the spectrum. Meaning, your skin is glowing and your hair is flourishing.


You can also try some hair oils on top of your new diet change as oils help stimulate blood flow in and around the scalp. This way you’ll be attacking your hair issues internally (fruits and herbs) and externally, using oil. Please DM for more information about these oils. :)


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