4 step process to healing

Hi everyone!

There are four processes in your body that you need to fix for you to get well. These are digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination. If any of these are broken, you cannot get better; you cannot heal ☹.

To digest food you need to have a healthy pancreas you need a functioning liver and gallbladder because they excrete enzymes to break down the food.

To absorb food, you need you small intestine to be fully functioning because this is responsible for absorbing nutrients.

For you to utilize the food you need good running adrenals, because this is what produces the steroids needed to break down and use the minerals.

Lastly, to eliminate, you need proper bowels and gastrointestinal tract because that is where the digestive waste leaves.

You also need a good lymphatic system, and kidneys because that's where the metabolic waste leaves as well.  

This is why it is crucial that you go 100% herbs and fruits while healing, and even beyond. The herbs will help heal the kidneys, adrenals, lymphatic system, endocrine system, and stomach and bowels. If you don't address these points, you cannot heal; it's that simple. We use herbs collectively in something called the Fab5. The Fab5 integrates all the herbs needed for all of these systems. This is your best chance at healing yourself. Take it! 😊

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