What is a healing crisis?

When it comes to healing with fruits you have to be aware of the Healing Crisis that will come with your detox. You’re going to see a lot of garbage coming out of you. You will experience worsening symptoms like urinating too much, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, irritability, joint pain, muscle cramps, unusual fatigue, or headaches.


Just remember this is only temporary. This is the fruit detoxing your body free of all waste and toxins in it. It’s okay to visit a doctor if you feel worried, but healing crisis are normal.


When you get through your healing crisis everything will improve; your health, your skin, your hair; everything will flourish. You’ll have energy that has no bounds.


My advice to you is to have the mental strength and knowledge about what you are doing, and why you are doing it. So long as you keep in mind that you’re detoxing for the sake of your health, you will get through your healing crisis.


If you find it is too much to bare, you can slow your detox down with eating a raw salad. If you want to stop your detox, eating cooked foods will do the trick.


Please remember the pain you’re feeling won’t last forever, you can do it!


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