Smelly scalp syndrome? Let me help you

Smelly scalp syndrome? Let me help you

Do you have smelly scalp syndrome? This when your scalp begins to smell and I’m here to tell you it's a sign that your head and most likely your entire body is very acidic. This is a sign of #acidosis. Acidosis means that the cells in your body are not able to dispose of the waste they create effectively enough. The system that takes the waste from your cells is a system called the #lymphatic #system. This is essentially the sewer system of your #body. When you #eat #processed #foods, #cooked foods, or any #animal products (the list goes on), the lymphatic system becomes stagnant, it does not move. When this happens, the acids are gonna get backed up from the cells. In other words, the acid cannot flow properly, the acids cannot be eliminated from the lymphatic system, to the kidneys. The kidneys will begin to falter, meaning that the acids keep on backing up all through the body, and to your head as well. So, the smell is the acid burning through your scalp, literally, it is your body’s way of telling you “hey, our kidneys are not working properly, our lymphatic system is stagnant, do something!”.


GOOD NEWS: You can fix this by eliminating all of that bad food we discussed earlier  (the cooked food, animal proteins, all animal milk, animal produce whatsoever,  and all cooked foods) and replacing it with just fruits for breakfast lunch and dinner.

It could take weeks, or months,  but this will stop completely, and you’re going to feel great, your hair is going to #grow #healthier your #skin is going to #GLOW and you will no longer be stuck with this stinky, smelly scalp! 😊

I hope this helped you and I hope you will implement this in your daily life, as it will benefit you now, and in the long run!!

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