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Best foods for longer, thicker, healthier hair

By Rob Maraby November 27, 2019 0 comments

What are the best foods to eat if you’re wanting thicker, longer, healthier hair? It Is super simple folks: RAW FRUITS AND VEGGIES!


Raw fruits will clean your lymphatic system as well as strengthen it. When your lymphatic system is clean it means the acidic waste that is stagnant in your head region, and all over the body, is effectively being moved to the kidneys so they can be filtered and eliminated from your body. This means the acids won’t be burning through your tissues, organs, and glands; this includes your hair follicles. 


We use vegetables like beets, celery, cucumber, and sprouts because they are great “builders”.

Meaning they supply the body with the nutrients it needs to strengthen the hair follicle so your hair can grow thicker, longer and healthier.


When you combine these two and go on a cleanse, you will see your hair become more beautiful! It’s that simple folks, not only will your hair flourish, your skin will glow, your overall health will improve drastically,and you will be able to gain lean muscle faster.


There you have it folks! Best food to eat for hair growth? FRUITS AND VEGGIES!





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