How To Cleanse (Detoxify) The Body With Fruits And Herbs

It’s time to give the body and digestive system a break with a simple fruit and herbs cleanse.

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No matter what eating plan you are following, your body needs a break or a reset and there is no better way to do it than with a fruits and herbs cleanse.

Don't feel right? Here is why:

How To Use Fruits To Heal

Why You Need Herbs? 

Start Your 14 Day Healing & Wellness Detox Program

3 Easy Steps To Feeling Great Again:
Step 1.:    Replace  your current meals with fruits
Step 2.:    Use the herbs in tea form
Step 3.:    Give it time and enjoy the benefits

A 2 weeks supply of Fab 3 tea with herbs  to help clean and strengthen the function of cells.

An exclusive group you can join to keep you accountable (We all need support and help - You will never feel alone). Join our 23,000 members of supportive men and women who are also on the journey of using our fruit and herb cleanse to feel vibrant, energetic and healthy.

A brochure with simple step by step instructions on what to eat and how to use the tea for maximum benefits.


What is in our tea?

10 different herbs that help clean and strengthen the function of cells.
They are so good at what they do that we called it the Fabulous 3 (Fab 3)

The Fab 3 tea contains herbs well known to cleanse the kidneys, lymph system and adrenals. The cause of health issues is obstruction of energy, there are three energy flows of the body and when they get blocked you don’t feel right.  There is bloating, water retention, lack of energy and you feel off., When we clean the body we get better energy flow and better digestion, better vitality and better health

Start Your 14 Day Healing & Wellness Program

You will be receiving a kit (with a fruit fast plan) that will last you 2 weeks. It will set you on a path to healing yourself and taking full responsibility of your health.

By investing in a kit you are getting a step by step healing protocol together with the Fabulous 3 tea which has herbs for the adrenals, kidneys and the lymphatic system, -This contains all the herbs listed below.  We put the best herbs known for natural healing to help clean and strengthen specific organs and tissues.

You get step by step instructions on what fruits and vegetables to eat for an effective cleanse.

You will learn which fruits to use for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How much to eat and how & when to take the herbal tinctures you will be getting. You will receive all the information you need to know to achieve optimal health.