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Connecting The Dots With Detoxification

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Connecting The Dots With Detoxification

Detoxification Video that connects the dots for you and helps you know which parts of the body to target with fruits and herbs.

As a herbalist and detoxification specialist, the one skill I love and am really good at is the ability to look at a health weakness and be able to connect the dots. For instance, if you have a weak thyroid, you might think it is the thyroid that is weak but it might very well be the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. If you used herbs on the thyroid you might be wasting time and money as the thyroid is not the weak link. If however, you knew it was the pituitary gland and hypothalamus you could take steps to strengthen those glands with the right protocol of fruits and herbs. I call it connecting the dot. See an example here

In this reading, I will be able to help you connect the dots and this allows you to have a better understanding and pathways of targeting and addressing the right organs and glands with detoxification. Think about it if you don’t know what you are targeting, how can you know what tools to use?

I will connect the dots for you and at the same time offer you a fruit and herb recommendation after it is done. You will get a video as a report where you will see me address the issues and show you how it’s all interconnected and how best to address them.

I get lots of requests and while I love helping everyone, logistically I can’t (I am just one person) so the price reflects my limited time and demand and supply limitation. Once you purchased this, I will reach out to you to get more information from you so I can start the process. This does not include an Iridology reading or assessment form.

Please note this is not intended or meant for treating, curing, or diagnosing – see a doctor for the diagnosing, treating, and disease. Detoxification is all about good health and wellness and not for treating or curing diseases. This service is for knowing the strength and weaknesses of glands and how to connect it all together so you can then strengthen them naturally.

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